Titel Workshop "Manuscript in Print - The Written and the Painted in Early Modern Japanese Publishing Culture"
Termine Donnerstag, 27.06.2019
Freitag, 28.06.2019
Ort Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies, VoƟstr. 2, Room 212
  • SFB933_B14_2019_06_The_Written_and_the_Painted_Plakat
  • SFB933_B14_2019_06_The_Written_and_the_Painted_Programm
  • The study of Japanese publishing cultures in early-modern urban centres is currently transforming based on two interrelated developments. On the one hand, the investigation of artistic production is diversifying across a spectrum of materialities, genres, and social networks. This new research enables reconsiderations regarding the meaning of the very categories of manuscript and print that have defined discussion on this topic for a long time. On the other hand, such reconsiderations are catalysed by new possibilities of displaying and categorizing artefacts through digital tools.

    This workshop aims to amalgamate insights and approaches to the dynamic processes of handwritten/painted artefacts and the emerging printed production in early modern Japan.

    SFB 933, Sub-Project B14: Interactive Materialities: Interdependencies between Written/Painted and Printed Artefacts in 17th Century Japan
    Radu Leca (lecaradu@gmail.com)