Kategorie Workshop
Titel Workshop: Presence and Spatiality of Sacred Scripture in a Transcultural Perspective
Termine Tuesday, 05.03.2019 9:00
Ort Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte, Seminarstr. 4, Graimberg-Raum
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  • In the Middle Ages, especially in areas of cultural contact, different languages and scripts commonly intermingled. In the Latin West, Spain and Norman Sicily are two prominent examples of such regions, but the eastern Mediterranean was also a zone of artistic interaction between Latins and Byzantines, while different languages co-existed in those parts of Greece under Catalan control. In multicultural societies different languages and scripts were employed (Latin, Greek, and Arabic, as well local languages), while the practices of different religions were also reflected and produced in inscriptions. Who could read these inscriptions and how were they be received by different groups of people? Were these inscriptions made only for a particular readership or audience? How might those who could not read these scripts respond these inscriptions?

    In this workshop we aim to discuss the key questions and the results of the subproject A05 “Script and Characters on and in the medieval artwork” from a transcultural perspective. For many cultures inscription-bearing artefacts are an immanent component of sacral spaces, which constitute themselves through the artefacts’ presence. One important area for investigation of inscriptions is the correlation of presence and restricted presence, and the visibility or invisibility and the legibility of these artefacts. Another important question concerns how inscriptions create and determine spaces and generate the sacred through the display of holy scripture. How can we understand the use of different languages and writing in these terms?

    Registration is requested by 3 March.