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Titel CONFERENCE: "Between Manuscript and Print. Transitions, Simultaneities and the Question of Shifting Meanings"
Termine Montag, 21.02.2022
Mittwoch, 23.02.2022
Ort Online via Zoom

The subprojects A06 (Medieval History), B04 (Jewish Studies), B13 (Modern German Literature), and B14 (East Asian Art History) of the CRC 933 “Material Text Cultures” at Heidelberg University seek to explore the transition from manuscript to print cultures as well as their contemporaneity from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. The introduction of print technologies was no sudden event but an ongoing process. We aim to investigate and compare this transformation in various cultural settings ranging from East Asia to Europe to broaden and deepen our understanding. We not only want to focus on change, but also on simultaneities of manuscript and printing practices as well as on shifts in the perception of media, writing surfaces, and materials. Which values and notions did writers, printers and readers attribute to the handwritten and/or printed material? For which types of texts or textual genres was handwriting preferred or perceived as (more) suitable? How and under which circumstances could handwritten and printed texts coexist, even within the same document, and which dynamics emerged from such textual assemblages? Which reasons catered towards the copying of printed books by hand? Did these manual copying processes affect the format, the material support or the subsequent use of such texts? These questions offer a glimpse into the transitions, simultaneities and changing perceptions of manuscript and print cultures from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries.

The conference emerged from the interdisciplinary collaboration in the SFB's thematic field 4 "Material Transformation".

Dr. Sylvia Brockstieger – SFB 933, TP B13
E-Mail: sylvia.brockstieger@gs.uni-heidelberg.de

Paul Schweitzer-Martin – Historisches Seminar, LMU München
E-Mail: schweitzer-martin@mg.fak09.uni-muenchen.de