Kategorie Seminar
Titel Seminar: Introduction to Premodern Japanese Books for Art Historical Research and Japanese Studies
Termine Montag, 15.03.2021
Donnerstag, 18.03.2021
Ort Online-Meeting
  • SFB933_B14_2021_03_Seminar_Plakat
  • It is said that books are the mirror of a country, and indeed books preserve and embody cultural traits, knowledge, beliefs and history, technology and aesthetics. Knowledge about premodern Japanese books is therefore a prerequisite to a deep understanding of the culture that produced them. This seminar focuses on the materiality of books and on the information contained therein. Its aim is to convey methods for analysing the “raw materials,” types and processing techniques of paper, the characteristics of each type of binding, as well as the publishing history and characteristics of Japanese books. You are warmly invited to spend four days exploring the world of premodern Japanese books.

    Professor Sasaki Takahirō, Keiō Institute of Oriental Classics, Keiō University, Tokyo

    Participation is free of charge, but requires registration by contacting Emma Shuhui Lin (shuhui.emma.lin@gmail.com). The seminar will be held in Japanese. Intermediary level Japanese language skills are thus needed, though no other prior know-ledge of the topic is necessary.

    SFB 933 „Material Text Cultures“, Sub-Project B14: „Interactive Materialities” & Institute of East Asian Art History
    Radu Leca (radu_leca@uni-heidelberg.de)