Kategorie Workshop
Titel TEXTiles: Inscribed Textiles from Late Antique and Medieval Egypt
Termine Freitag, 13.12.2019 11-15 Uhr
Ort Bibliothek des Instituts für Papyrologie, Marstallstraße 6
  • SFB933_A09_2019_12_TEXTiles
  • Inscribed textiles from late antique and medieval Egypt offer many opportunities for inter-disciplinary investigations at the cross-roads of museum practice, archaeology, art history, conservation, and papyrology. This workshop considers the materiality of woven and inked inscriptions in Greek and Coptic to explore the relationship of language and identity, production and use, and other methodological questions.


    • In Wool and Ink: Materiality and Function of Penned Inscriptions on Late Antique Textiles
    • Inscribed Textiles: Christian Tiraz – Coptic Textile Messages
    • Towards a Methodology for Inscribed Textiles

    Participants include
    Ines Bogensperger (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
    Marek Dospěl (Catholic University of America) 
    Elizabeth Dospěl Williams (Dumbarton Oaks)
    Julia Galliker (University of Michigan)  

    Julia Lougovaya-Ast (lougovaya@uni-heidelberg.de)